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Hi, I’m Andi Nara

Senior Leader

Product Operations

Program Management

PMP® certified

2020 - Present

Senior Director of Product Operations and Quality, PMP®


Lead the end-to-end product life-cycle, overseeing Program Management and Quality Assurance teams.

Review and optimize operational practices, enhancing the efficiency and scalability of operations.

Collaborate with Executive Leadership to align product strategy with business goals.

Directly responsible for the Productivity MBR.

Built up Product Operations as a new function from scratch in 2020.


"When you know better You do better."

Maya Angelou

"The linchpin feels the fear, acknowledges it, then proceeds."

Seth Godin

"Perfect kills good.
Done is always better than perfect."


07_Wouldn't you agree?

Inspirational leadership

Get shit done

Operational management

Process optimization

Program management

BS-free, transparent communications

100% remote

Open and curious


I'm a caring, fun, and very energized person. An avid reader, a stroke survivor, a Harry Potter fan, and a dog owner with two border terriers, Nara and Skye.


For the past two decades, I’ve been responsible in organizations large and small for creating transparency, clarity, and operational excellence while achieving business goals.

I thrive in ambiguous environments, with a love for navigating complexity. I'm self-motivated with a high degree of intellectual curiosity.

I have worked 100% remotely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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