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About me

Hi, I'm Andi. I'm a sister, a friend, a dog owner, and a book lover. I'm a very practical, solution-oriented, and get-things-done type of person by nature. Also, I'm an INFJ, if you know what that means. And if you know, then you are aware that people like me are the rarest birds out there. I thrive when there is a need to find solutions for highly complex problems or situations, to clarify, synthesize and really boil things down to the simplest way forward. I also love bringing people together.


Back in December 2022, I luckily survived a double stroke. Life as a stroke thriver is quite extraordinary if I can say so myself. This experience made me commit to living healthy to my 100th birthday, minimum. 

People who know me say my superpowers are: relentless curiosity, creating transparency, goals and expectations setting, (self-)discipline, team player, and always bringing high energy and positivity with me wherever I go. One dear friend of mine swears I have a time-turner like Hermione, as I manage to accomplish ways more than the average human being in 24 hours.

My professional background has been in project and program management since 2005. For the past seven years, I worked in the SaaS industry and learned a thing or two about product operations.

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You can find me on Medium or LinkedIN.
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