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Recommendations from co-workers

Andi is among the most skilled and productive operational leaders I've ever worked with. What sets her apart is her ability to guide teams through building and adopting frameworks for product development and collaboration in such a way that we can leverage and grow these methods without relying on her directly. This approach fundamentally amplifies her expertise by creating new experts (and at the same time fostering a key sense of ownership in teams).
Her leadership has helped evolve the way our product team operates internally as well as how we collaborate cross functionally. As the operational leadership team grows, Andi has enabled us to create impact in the near term while considering the long term. 
Finally, I want to mention Andi's relentless work to help teams transform discussions into decisions. I love when a conversation has been circling for a long time, and Andi will intercept us to ensure we come out with a conclusion or a plan to get there. Without Andi's focus on decision making, I think many of our best collaborative conversations would end with no clear takeaway.

Kate McLoughlin, Director of Product Management

Recommendations from mentees

I had the best time with Andrea! She has a wealth of knowledge that she is generously sharing, through her own experiences, advice, ideas about my specific challenges. And she immediately created a trustful and fun space. I left the session with a clear action plan, and I'm looking forward to putting it in place! But I think even more importantly, I left with more energy, and more optimism.
Thank you so much Andrea!

Julie Robles, Product Operations Lead

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